Takara Tomy Beyblade Events

Great news, bladers.

A offcial Beyblade tournament

There are many attractives prizes to giveaway in every session.

Participants are entitled to receive a God Chip as a participation gift.

A final lucky draw is available for all eligible participants who missed out on winning the monthly prize,
an extra chance to take away the GRAND PRIZE.




How to Participate?

1. Each session is limited to 32 participants. Free to participate.

2. Participants are required to bring their own Beyblades.

3. Top 3 Winners of each session are ARE NOT ALLOW to re-participate in any of the session of the day again.

4. No Battle Passport is required for registration.

5. Newcomers priority from second session onward, intermediate players can be registered right after the newcomers finished all their registrations.

6. If numbers of participants are above expectation, alteration of tournament rules and regulation will be applied by wbba. officials.

7. 1st Place winner of each session are required to share their combo in Beyblade Malaysia FB./h3>



1. Previous generations' and counterfeit Beyblade parts and accessories are NOT permitted.

2. All God series parts can be used except Orichalcum layer (Shadow Orichalcum can be used),Outer disc and Octa driver.

3. When using Maximum Garuda Layer, please note that you CAN'T use any other God chip except its own and Metal God Chip.

4. You may use all launchers and winders except Phoenix winder(B117), Long Beylauncher (B123-Clear Red), Long Beylauncher L(B124-Yellow Black) and LongBeylauncher LR(B129 Flame Red)

5. Cho-Z Beyblades are NOT permitted.

6. All Single and Dual layer system parts are allowed except Wolborg.& Driger F.