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Moose Cookeez Makery Oven Playset Exclusive

Cookeez Makery will amaze you and your child when they bake a surprise plush best friend!

As they open the oven door they will discover their own warm and exclusive scented interactive plush friend in the shape of a yummy smelling baked treat!

The Cookeez Makery Exclusive Sweet Treatz Oven comes with everything children need to mix and make a Surprise Bake!

When they first open the oven door they will find a recipe box and a recipe card that tells them which friend they will bake.

There's a chance of making a puppy, kitten or bunny! Let's get cooking! First they mix the ingredients to create a dough ball.

Then using the dough mold and included tools they can add adorable features such as eyes, mouth, paws and ears. It's so easy!

Then pop it in the oven and shut the door. In 90 seconds, kids will hear a "ding".

It's time to open the oven and meet a new friend. Wow! A warm and deliciously sweet scented plush toy that's interactive to play with!

Their new baked friend even makes lovable sounds when your child squeezes and loves it!

With the Cookeez Makery Oven baking friends is easy! Which Sweet Treatz will they make?

There are 3 to create and collect - Sour Puss, Frosty Fido and Raspbunny Glaze! Children can repeat the process again and again to wow family and friends! You will "Bake their day" when you give your child a Cookeez Makery - Exclusive Sweet Treatz Oven!


1 x Toy Oven

1 x Mystery Interactive Plush

2 x Toy Ingredient Sachets (single use)

1 x Measuring Cup

1 x Dough Mold

1 x Spatula Tool

1 x Ingredients Storage Bag

1 x Instruction Manual

4 x AAA Batteries (excluded)


Moose Cookeez Makery Toasties Single Pack In CDU (randomly pick)

Which surprise plush friend will pop up out of the Cookeez Makery Toasty Treatz Toaster? Your child won't believe the sweet scented treat they're about to meet!

First pop the bread into the toaster slot, then slide the toy toaster's handle down. Now slide the handle back up to reveal the cutest Toasty Treatz surprise plush pet! Toasty Treatz are soft, squishy and deliciously scented collectible plush pets in the shape of adorable breakfast treats!

Which one will pop up? Will your child find Pnutty & Jam Tiger, Pan Kitty, Panda Au Chocolat, Unicorn Tart or Strudel Poodle? Maybe they will be lucky enough to find the the ultra-rare Bluebunny Waffle!

There are 12 scented Toasty Treatz for kids to collect across Seasons 1 & 2. Toasty Treatz can't wait to pop up and spread their scented love and squishy hugs!

1 x Toy Toaster
1x Card Treat
1 x Mystery Scented Plush
1 x Instruction Manual


Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products