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Fortnite Battle Royale Collection - Squad Pack

The Squad Pack from this Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is a must-have for any Fortnite collector. This pack includes the most play accessories then in any of the other packs in the collection, such as; pickaxe, guns, kata na, bag packs and much more. Each figure comes with accessories which can be swapped just like in the game. The figures also have 2 to 3 points of articulation and can be displayed on the included stand.

These squad pack collectable figures include:

Dire, Calamity, DJ Yonder & Giddy-Up


4 x Figures

More than 7 Play accessories

4 x Display stand

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Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Solo Pack (Random Pick)

Get the Fortnite fun home with these small but powerful scale figures. Each of the characters is prepared for an epic battle with their authentic details and dynamic poses. Recreate scenes or fight with your team! Each of the 5 cm figurines comes with matching accessories and can be moved in three dynamic poses. In the solo pack you will find a figure with its characteristic weapons.

Random Pick: (Accept remarks, if only the item is still available)

- Moisty Merman

- Red Knight

- Chomp SR.

- Crackshot

- Sledgehammer

- Aerial Threat

- Rabbit Raider

- Funk Ops

- Brite Gunner


Fortnite Port A Fort Display Set

Build a fort and take cover! The port-a-fort building set is the perfect way to display your Battle Royale collection mini action figures.

Authentic fort building.

Building is the secret to success in Fortnite! Modular panels re-create the experience of building in Fortnite and it's almost as easy as throwing down a Port-a-Fort Grenade!

Build, battle, and destroy.

Building the Port-a-Fort is only part of the fun. It also breaks apart, letting you re-create battle damage just like in the game.

Exclusive Infliltrator figure.

This 2" figure can only be found in the Port-a-Fort set. He's ready to perch at the top of the fort and scan the horizon for incoming foes.

Compatible with all your mini figures.

Add to the fun with more Battle Royale Collection 2" figures. With 100 mini action figures to collect, you never know who's dropping next!

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Fortnite Mega Fort Display Set

Showcase your Fortnite Battle Royale collection with the Mega fort display set. Use 28 building material pieces to create and customize your ultimate fort. Includes two exclusive 2 inch figures - Blue Squire & Tricera Ops!

Fortnite Mega Fort Display Set!

With the Battle Royale Collection Mega Fort, you can display all your mini figures …or set up a battle with your favorite 2" figures.

Authentic fort building.

Building is the secret to success in Fortnite! These wood, brick, and metal panels build up and break part just like they do in the game.

Multiple ways to build!

You can build three different configurations: the fortress, the blockade barrier, and the watch tower. Or create your own design and customize it with the included spray decals.

Two exclusive figures!

This pair of 2" figures can only be found in the Mega Fort set. Tricera Ops is your building buddy, complete with blueprints. Blue Squire will help keep your castle walls secure!

Compatible with all your minifigures.

You can defend your fort by collecting more Battle Royale Collection figures. With 100 mini action figures to collect in 2019, you never know who's dropping next!

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Fortnite Battle Bus Display Set

Who's dropping next? The Fortnite Battle Royale collection battle bus is the ultimate way to display your 5cm Figures. Includes exclusive burnout and funk ops figures and victory umbrella!

All Aboard and cruises on the Battle Bus!

All aboard! Take your squad to new heights with the Battle Bus. Display your collection, store your figures inside, or build your own Battle Royale…when the Battle Bus is cruising, you never know who’s dropping next!

Build you collection!

The Battle Bus was designed for the true Fortnite fan, packed with authentic details. It's the most iconic vehicle in Fortnite, and a must-have for any collector.

Mini figures, Big Bus!

Equipped with its hot air balloon, the Battle Bus stands over 13 inches tall. Pegs allow you to display 2" figures on top of the bus, and it's the perfect centerpiece for your Battle Royale Collection.

Exclusive Funk Ops and Burnout Figures.

These 2" figures were designed exclusively for the Battle Bus. Bunrout comes with an 2 accessories and a display stand. Funk Ops includes a deluxe stand, Victory Umbrella, and mini Loot Llama!

Store all your Fortnite minifigures.

The inside of the Battle Bus is a storage case with room for more than 15 Battle Royale Collection figures. Open the door to drop into battle!

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Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Duo Pack - Shadow Ops & Tomato Head

Every Battle Royale Collection duo pack contains two authentic Fortnite mini figures with swappable weapons, accessories, and Back Bling.

Fortnite in the palm of your hand

Your favorite Fortnite outfits have jumped off the screen and into your hands with the Battle Royale Collection of mini action figures.

Mini figures, huge collection

The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection is the perfect way to build a real-life locker of all your favorite characters. From rare outfits to fan favorites, the Battle Royale Collection goes deep.

Collect, display, and play

Every figure features 2-3 points of articulation and comes with its own display stand. Build your own Battle Royale and show off your collection!

A Royale sized roster to collect

With a line of 100 figures planned for 2019, the Battle Royale Collection is always growing. New Solo, Duo, and Squad Packs are always on the way, so You Never Know Who's Dropping Next!

Authentic swappable accessories

Every Battle Royale Collection mini-figure includes swappable weapons, accessories, and Back Bling. Customize your favorite skin, just like in the game!


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