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Moose Real Littles S3 Sneaker Single Pack (Random Pick)

Real Littles are back with the things you love - made micro! This time it's Sneakers! Real Littles Sneakers are the most fabulous range of mini footware on the planet!

So tiny and so cute, there are so many types of fashions and styles to find! From Platform, Slip on, Basketball, High Top and more! In fact there are 25 different Sneakers and Sneakers to find and collect in Season 1. Each pair of Sneakers come in their own cute realistic miniature sneaker Box.

Open it up and be surprised by the super cool designs you will find inside. There are Common, Rare and Ultra Rare Sneakers to collect including Ultra Rare Color Change Sneakers! Dip them in cold water and be amazed as they change before your eyes during their "Water Rinse Reveal"! Or Maybe you will unbox the Limited Edition Light-Up Sneakers!

Watch their soles sparkle as they actually light up! Each pair of Real Littles toy Sneakers comes with a Hang Tag Chain so you can hang them anywhere you want. Put a few pairs on your backpack, school bag, pencil case or even accessorise by wearing them from your belt loop.

With so many Real Littles Sneakers to find and choose, you'll always step out in style!

What's Inside:

1 x Pair of Micro Sneakers

1 x Hang Tag Chain

1 x Collectors Guide


Real Littles S5 Cutie Carries Single Pack

Real Littles Cutie Carries are new! These adorable pets are tiny versions of your favorite dog breeds that you can dress up in the latest fashions! Treat your pups like royalty as you dress them and carry them around wherever you go - You'll never have to leave your best friend at home again!

Dress up your mini Dog in the exclusive matching fashions. Find a tiny Leash, Sunglasses, Skirt, Jacket, Cap, Scarf, Beanie, Sneakers and more!

Will you find Limited Edition Fashion? There are 6 Real Littles Puppies to collect: Cavoodle, Corgi, Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, French Bulldog and Chihuahua!

Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

1 x Mini Puppy Carrier

1 x Mini Puppy

5 x Surprise Toy Accessories


Moose Real Littles S6 Micro Craft Single Pack (Random Pick)

 If you or your child love creating and making craft then these adorably Real Littles Micro Craft kits are for you! These cute Cases are filled with mini surprises to create your favourite craft activities! There are 6 different crafts to collect, and all of them are DIY! Collect DIY color Backpack, Canvas Art, Fizz Bomb, Glitter Globe, Light Box and Unicorn Terrarium! Each project is so detailed and great fun to make. Plus they all really work! Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

1 x Mini Toy Craft Kit
1 x Mini Toy Vessel
1 x Instruction Manual


Moose Real Littles Tiny Tins (Randomly)

Real Littles Tiny Tins are real metal tins with adorable micro scale, real working stationery charms. These Tiny Tins are the cutest little storage tins that kids will love to use to style and accessorize with! All surprises and the tin can be attached to the mini key chain to make a bag dangler, perfect to attach to backpacks, bags or even a belt loop. Kids can find markers, notepads, pens, staplers, stackable pencils, erasers, pens and more. All are so tiny and all of them work! Each Tiny Tin also includes a secret stationery charm. Kids won't know what secret charm they receive until they open it! There are 6 Tiny Tins for kids to collect, all in the coolest designs and shapes! The front of each Tiny Tin has a shaker window filled with themed confetti pieces that move around when shaken. Look out for tins shaped as hearts, donuts, shells, ice cream, stars and even rainbows, each with matching themed charms and stationery. The tin makes the perfect storage container for children to keep their stationery in or can even be used as a "Secret Keeper" to hide their secrets in.
1 x Toy Tin
4 x Toy Accessories

Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!


Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products