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Takara Tomy Tomica World Tomica Building Machine

Use this miniature Tomica factory to make your very own plastic Tomica cars! Simply load one of the provided bodies into the top compartment, place one of the provided chassis into the bottom compartment, and press the assembly button down firmly. Your new Tomica car will roll out with the push of a button!
- Car bodies x3 (sports car, truck, race car)- Chassis x3 (normal tire, big tire, wide tire)- Stickers- Instruction manual- No batteries required.

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Takara Tomy Tomica Speed Way DX Go Go Circuit

Takara Tomy Tomica Speed Way DX Go Go Circuit. Get a real sense of speed with this amazing track - the more you hit the shoot trigger, the faster it'll go - no batteries required! Race against your friends or family with your favorite Tomica to find out who is the better racer. 


- Shooter

- Starter

- Lane cover

- Straight lane x3

- Curved lane A up

- Curved lane A down

- Bridge for curved lane A x2

- Curved lane B up

- Curved lane B down

- Bridge for curved lane B x2

- Label

- Manual

- Special Tomica Honda NSX

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Takara Tomy Tomica DX Parking

- Use two AA alkaline batteries (Batteries are sold separately.)Battery type: Please purchase separately because AAA type batteries are sold separately.

- Please purchase the car separately for separate purchase.

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[Original Takara Tomy] Tomica Remote Control Carrier Car

A remote control carrier car to add more fun playing with your Tomica collection. You can play/move the carrier manually by hand and store the controller inside the carrier. This carrier car able to store up to 8 Tomica at the same time ( 4 on top and 4 at the bottom). Pressing the lever 1 button of the carrier to open the side panel and unload all the Tomica. While pressing the lever 2 button to open the rear panel of the carrier and unload the Tomica on the top. (Tomica may be stuck at the panel, so always press the lever 1 first before pressing the lever 2)


Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products