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Tomica World DX Tomica Tower

A high-speed elevator of the steering wheel operation!
I push the switch and put Tomica on the elevator, and an elevator rises at a stretch when I wave elevator steering wheel around. I take down Tomica when I come to a fine-view parking, and the elevator automatically falls into the bottom.

I light up seven colors in a fine-view parking!
When an elevator arrives at the observation deck, an observation deck lights it up. I turn on by seven colors of light and color a tower.
In addition, a fine-view parking has a transparent floor.

Spiral sky slope of the force!
Tomica runs it down from a fine-view parking round and round. I can let you run Tomica more than up to ten all at once if you save Tomica using sky gate.

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Takara Tomy Tomica Spiral Bucket

Cleared up bucket fun action comes up! There is a spiral slope in the bucket, when I put the Tomica from the inlet, you come down run to the exit. You can it is possible to and you close the exit to the parking 15 cars back and forth on the slope, about to start all at once by opening the exit. I can put put the important things it is it to accessory case is the center of the spiral slope. spiral slope is removable. Tomica is sold separately. The image is a prototype. May differ from the actual product.

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Takara Tomy Tomica Waku Waku Parking 2018

You can park the Tomica by lifting the elevator freely by operating the lever manually. The elevator can be raised and lowered by "manual operating". When Tomica runs "Spiral Road" and the opened doorway gate is closed, it will be guided to the elevator 's entrance again. If you close the stopper behind the gateway gate, you can make an exit congestion with Tomica running down, release the exit gate and release the stopper all at once.

PS: Tomica is sold separately.

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Takara Tomy Tomica Moving Road Enhancing Set

This item is 100% Genuine Takara Tomy Product

Brand: Tomica 

Manufacturer: Tomy (TakaraTomy)

Series: Tomica Town

Material: Diecast

Item size: 22.5 x 14 x 8 cm

Item weight: 380g

Made in Vietnam


Takara Tomy Tomica Town Action Highway

Battery and Tomica are sold separately.

New Tomica Town series with a 2-speed control Tomica action highway set! 

The slope mechanism can switch between fast and slow, automatically making your cars go at the speed you want them to go in and out of the parking garage. It can connect to other Tomica Town sets, allowing you to create your very own town to display or play with. 

Set includes:

 - Electric slope x 1

- Curve 1 - 3* for each one

- Straight line 1 - 2* for each two

- Entrance slope *1

- Exit slope *1

- Supporting beam 1 - 7* for each one

- Baseplate *2

- Prop (the head) *2

- Prop *2 ,Shutter gate *1

- Entrance gate *1

- Mini-slope *2 for the floor

- Lighting *3 for the road

- Mini-house *1

- Mini house *1 belonging to stairs

- Slope *1

- Destination indication board *1

- Guard pipe *6

- Label sheet *1

- Instruction manual *1

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Takara Tomy Tomica and Plarail City Map

Plarail Broad and solid! Tomica and Plarail town map [Train/minicar car storage box bag Organizing collection case TAKARA TOMY toy]

Expand the big airport map and play!

- It is a set product of a portable box of the airport building and a map that imagines the airport.

- Six cars can be parked in the multi-storey car park of the box.

- The map is a leisure sheet material that can be folded in the box.

- When playing, spread the map sheet and secure it to the box lid with Velcro.

- The size of the map is 60 cm in length × 90 cm in width.


- Box body x 1

- Slope x 1

- Parking floor x 2
- Map x 1

- Consumer seal x 1

- Velcro set (4 sets) x 1

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Tomica World Ferry Boat

Tomica World Ferryboat able to load up to 12 units of Tomica in double-story structure. Both front and back of the ferryboat supports disembark mechanism. Load your favorite Tomica  into the ferryboat and set sail!

*Each Tomica is sold separately.

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Takara Tomy Tomica World Transforming Fire Station

This movable fire truck able to transform from fire truck to a fire station. The fire truck is around 25cm long and  it contains some awesome playable mechanisms such as mini fire extinguish practice, emergency dispatch of up to 3 Tomica and more. Build up your favorite Tomica team and get ready to rescue people who needs your help. 

Each Tomica is sold separately.

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Takara Tomy Tomica Transform DX Police Station

A huge police station that able to transform from usual mode to emergency mode. 

It store up to 12 Tomica in the central core with fun unload feature. There is also a helipad available on the roof and prison rooms.

This Police Station Set equipped with more than 50 types of sounds and voices for extra fun play. 

-A surprising transformation gimmick! A big police station turns around and transforms!
-It automatically transforms from the usual police station appearance with the touch of a button according to the occurrence of an incident!
-The central core makes a giant slalom, and it transforms into an emergency departure mode that greatly changes the appearance.
-The powerful Tomica is dispatched all at once! You can enjoy it with many Tomica!
-12 Tomica can be stored in the central core! There is also a parking lot and heliport on the roof!
-The scene where many Tomica are dispatched from the police station all at once with automatic transformation is very powerful.
-Equipped with about 50 kinds of sounds and voices! You can enjoy playing with police officers!
-Reproduce the police activity scene with many sound voices!
-There are plenty of scenes from everyday scenes and incident occurrence to resolution scenes.

-Product details: Body (1), front slope (1), roof floor (1), climbing slope (1), side panel A (1), side panel B (1), top panel (1), side slope (1) 2), label (1), instruction manual (1)
- Batteries: AA alkaline batteries x 3 (sold separately)

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Takara Tomy Tomica Town Sound Light Railroad Crossing

Press the button to put the barrier down with two LED lights flashing along with "cancan" sound.  Press the same button again to raise the barrier and stop the sound and LED light. 

Compatible for PlaRail and Tomica products.


Takara Tomy Tomica Town Build City Autobacs (Creased at the edge)

Create your own Tomica Town with this  Build City Autobacs set.

Display your favorite Tomica in the showroom with the turnable display.  Build your own showroom with up to 3 different patterns!

Tomica car sold separately, no battery required.

Packaging Size/Weight : 22.1 x 22 x 7.9 cm / 637g

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Takara Tomy Tomica World Loading and Unloading Construction Site

An electronic operation Tomica construction set.

You can also play it manually by turning the dial at the top to move the sand balls. Playable with other Tomica series. 

Required 1 x AA battery (Sold Separately)

Packaging Size/Weight : 22.2 x 22.2 x 16.8 cm / 620g

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Takara Tomy Tomica World Construction Site

A fun construction site to play with Tomica. You can play with crane and conveyor to create several construction scenes. 

*Tomica sold separately

Packaging Size/Weight : 20.5 x 15.7 x 9.6 cm / 335g


Takara Tomy Tomica World Tomica Exciting Drive(Waku Waku Drive) (w/Special Tomica)

- It is a drive course to run Tomica by operating the buttons, levers and handles on the control panel.

- Clear the flashy action and let Tomica run well.
- Rattling road: Move the shift lever back and forth and left and right to move Tomica well!
- Turnlift: Hit the button repeatedly to climb Tomica on the turnlift.
- Bunto Drawbridge: Pull the slide lever to lift the drawbridge with Tomica on it.
- Swirl Elevator: When you turn the steering wheel, the elevator spins and soars.
- Jump slope: Run vigorously and jump over the jump slope
- Special Tomica is included only in the first edition.
*  Tomica (minicar) other than Special Tomica is sold separately.
*  Tomica does not run automatically even if you operate the control panel.


- Main unit base x1

- turn lift unit x1

- road 1 x1

- road 2 x1

- road 3 x1

- road 4 x1

- jumping bridge x1

- rattling road x1

- Turn lift x1

- Round and round elevator x1

- Barrier x1

- Strut x1

- Small strut x1

- Kanban x1

- Sign xx1

- Special Tomica x1

- Label x1

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Takara Tomy Tomica Factory Maintenance Factory Box

When you open the Tool Box, it is a clear-cut product that spreads to Tomica's maintenance center and map. Three gimmicks can be enjoyed without batteries "inspection machine", "jack", "turntable".

Inspection machine When turning the dial, the inspection machine moves back and forth. Tomica is automatically sent to the next point when it is completed.

Jack ... You can jack up Tomica with lever operation. Tomica is automatically sent to the next point when it is completed.

Turntable Pressing the button turns the rotating table and completes maintenance! Tomica comes out in front.

3 Tomica vehicles can be parked on 2F. You can play with the Tomica factory series main item scheduled to be released in July using the slope.


Takara Tomy Tomica World Transforming Gas Station Truck

This movable tank truck able to transform from truck to a gas station. The fire truck is around 24cm long and  it contains some awesome playable mechanisms such as refuel, car wash, car park and car maintenance. 

Each Tomica sold separately.


Takara Tomy Tomica Town Time`s Parking

This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright TOMY
??It is a large parking lot where you can park a lot of Tomica.
??The gate bar opens and closes when Tomica passes.
--The real parking lot such as car sharing space and checkout machine is faithfully reproduced.
??No need to assemble and label, you can play as soon as you open the main body.
??When you don't play, you can fold it and store it compactly.
* Tomica (minicar) is sold separately.

--Product details: Times Parking (1)

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )Item Size/Weight : 17 x 10 x 4.5 cm / 230g


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