Beyblade Burst God

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[Original Takara Tomy] Beyblade Burst God - B-79 STARTER DRAIN FAFNIR.8.Nt

It's a Stamina type left-spinning top with a God Ability called "Drain Spin" which the rubber in the Layer would increase more spinning speeds when in contact with right-spinning Beyblades.

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Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst God - B-75 BOOSTER BLAZE RAGNARUK.4C.Fl

Roktavor R3 is a round Energy Layer designed for Stamina. Consisting of a small inner layer made of clear plastic and four wings, two of which are small and made of clear plastic and two of which are large are made of colored plastic. The large wings are molded to create the visage of heads to match the anime's rendition of the Layer's beast, a winged demon. The small clear wings are dubbed the "Stamina Wings" and make up the gimmick of this Layer.

In theory, the edges of the wings would extend from their hinges and increase a Beyblade's stamina by increasing the Layer's Outward Weight Distribution, however in practice the size of the wings are simply too small to cause any noticeable weight shift and thus serve no real purpose.

The compact placement of the wings creates a very round design where any protrusions and gaps from and between the wings are too shallow to create high recoil. The large size of the wings imply high Outward Weight Distribution and Stamina potential but in actuality, Roktavor R3's Stamina is only average. The Takara Tomy release, Blaze Ragnaruk, features four teeth of tall height giving this Layer high Burst resistance.


Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products