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Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-27 C.C. Leon

New shooting hobby that launch plastic bottle caps! You can even play it with daily life's plastic bottle caps.

The new control-type bottleman - C.C Leon equipped with flexible control aim shots left and right by adjusting the navigation at the foot armor. 

Set Contents:

- Bottleman body x1

- Complete armor x1

- Official cap x1

- User manual x1


Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-22 Sala Fire & Blast Boss Subdual Set

New shooting hobby that launch plastic bottle caps! You can even play it with daily life's plastic bottle caps.

A electric motorized target is included which allow you to play in an instant intense shooting.

Included a speed-type bottleman - Sala fire that has excellent mobility due to the new roller part added at the leg.

Combine both Sala fire and Blast Boss and evolve into a massive Bottleman!

Can be played in conjunction with the Super Play Challenge 10 sets (sold separately).

Set Contents:

- Bottleman Salafire (with cap) x1

- Blast Boss x1

- Cap (for Premium Salafire) x1

- Cap x4

- Sticker x1

- User Manual x1

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Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-24 Samets

New shooting hobby that launch plastic bottle caps! You can even play it with daily life's plastic bottle caps.

This bottleman is equipped with double springs to perform quick double shooting. 

Set Contents:

- Bottleman body (with cap) x1

- Complete armor x1

- Cap x1

- Sticker x1

- User Manual x1


Jurassic World Captivz Clash Edition Mega Egg

Get ready for an epic surprise with the Jurassic World: Captivz Mega Egg! With the brand new giant blinking Indominus Rex egg packed with Jurassic World Captivz surprises from Pop N Lock dinos, to pull back cars, slime and more. Includes a unique playmat experience set in Isla Nublar for your dinos to adventure, battle, and journey through - this is the ultimate item for Jurassic fans and dinosaur enthusiasts!


- 2 x Stretchy Lava Slime

- 3 x Mystery Pop N Lock Dinosaur Figure

- 3 x Battle Token

- 1 x Collector Guide

- 1 x Pull Back Dino Car

- 1 x Sticker Sheet

- 1 x Playmat

- 1 x Dice

- 2 x Eggs

- 1 x Backpack Clip

Product features

- 30 all-time favorite species from across the Jurassic World franchise (double the quantity from the first season), chosen specifically based on fan feedback

- New paint detail features battle wounds from epic Clash movie moments

- Six rare dinosaurs with metallic finishes

- Stretchy lava-like, red slime

- Expanded battle play options

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Jurassic World Captivz Clash Edition Slime Egg

Get ready for the ultimate Jurassic World: CAPTIVZ Clash Edition Season! Featuring over 30 Pop n Lock dinos to collect and battle!
Each with unique battle wounds, accurate to epic clash scenes each species experienced within Jurassic World movie moments! Un-wrap your egg, ooze through stretchy lava slime, and reveal your species.


- 1 x Stretchy lava slime

- 1 x Super detailed mystery pop n lock dinosaur figure

- 1 x Battle token

- 1 x Collector guide


Moose Treasure X S2 Dino Gold MP Single Pack (Blind Pick)

Treasure X Dino Gold is back with more awesome Mini Dino Hunters to dig up and more new Treasures to find! Get ready for ten more Levels of Adventure. The classic Treasure X unboxing dig experience has a new stone block compound to dig out and break apart!

Build your special Digging Tool that now comes with a brush and dig out and rescue new Mini Dinos and a whole different collection of Treasures! This time the Treasures are encased inside a fossil. Use all the parts of your tool to break open the fossil to discover your Treasure.

Use your tool to break open the fossil to discover your Treasure inside an amber vessel. Use the Golden X Key to open! Search for seven different Treasures in the form of mysterious !. Will you be lucky enough to discover the Gold Treasure? There are 12 new Mini Dino Hunters to find and collect, many with new and different finishes.

Look out for Dino Hunters with Crystal, Stone, Tar and Gold Finishes! Each Mini Dino Action Figure has a touch of bling. There is a one in 18 chance of finding Real Gold Dipped Treasure.

Kids will love this pre-historic unboxing adventure toy as they search and dig for Real Gold Dipped Treasure!


- 1 x Character + Weapon

- 1 x Crackle

- 1 x Map/Collectors Guide

- 1 x Sphere

- 1 x Tool

- 1 x Treasure


Moose Treasure X Dino Gold

Take on the ultimate Treasure X Dino Gold adventure with the Dino Dissection! A Mega sized T-Rex has been captured in a Golden Cage but inside the Dino a Treasure Hunter is trapped! It's up to you to save him.

There are 16 Levels of Adventure as you rescue the Hunter and turn the beast into a Battle Dino! First remove the cage from the mega Dino and carefully take off its muzzle and press the spike on its head to release the X-Key from its mouth. Now dissect the Dino and remove its belly to see what (or who) it has eaten!

Cut open its belly with your sword and find the parts of the Treasure Hunter in the golden ooze. Rebuild the Hunter and use the armour and gear to build a Battle Dino that the Treasure Hunter can ride! Now pull the Dino's tail for one last surprise.

The Dino has done a prehistoric poop! Take your dag ger and smash the crackle outer layer to discover your Treasure inside an amber vessel. Use the X-Key to open the vessel and reveal your Treasure!

Did you find a Prehistoric pest or the REAL Gold Meteor? There is a one in eight chance of finding REAL Gold dipped Treasure! Now roar into battle with your exclusive Hunter on his Battle Dino!



- 1 x Character

- 1 x Dino

- 1 x Dino Accessory

- 1 x Map/Collectors Guide

- 1 x Slime

- 1 x Tool

- 1 x Treasure

- 1 x Weapon

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This is a P-O Product

Please read all the detail and condition before make order. 
Release Date :  NOV 2022 
Estimate arrival : DEC 2022

Important Note :
This item is under allocation. There is risk/possibility that our stock might not be fulfilled by the manufacturer. Only preorder this at your own discretion. However, if your preorder is not fulfilled, we shall refund in full amount of deposit paid back to you.


The GM was a mass-produced machine of the Earth Federation Defense Forces; this one bears the colors of the Special Forces \"Titans.\" This highly posable figure comes with its GM rifle, beam saber and shield, as well as a trailer for transport! The spare magazine for the rifle can be stored behind the shield. Order it for your own lineup today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 12.5cm tall
[Materials]: PVC, ABS

[Set Contents]:
  • Main figure
  • Trailer
  • Beam Saber
  • Shield grip
  • GM Rifle
  • Spare magazine for rifle (x2)
  • Shield
  • Joint set
  • Interchangeable hands (x4 each, left and right)
  • Storage deck for spare hands

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Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-25 Random Collection Vol.01

A random booster pack contains only 1 Bottleman out of the 4 characters.

Bot-25 Random Booster is the first Random Booster released as a part of the Bottleman series.

One complete Bottleman is given in each individual booster. There is a 1/4 chance to get each Bottleman, including the rare Bottleman. 

- Dual Gold

- Colamaru Energy

- Aquasports Shield

- Gyokulock 4G


Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-26 Double Sparkling Set

This pack contain of 2 Bottlemans Sparkling Night (White) and Tan Sa tan (Black).

Sparkling Night feature accurate shooting technique, while Tan Sat an feature strong power shooting technique.

2 caps are included in this pack. 


S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Tenshinhan & Chaoz

From the \"Dragon Ball Z\" series, Tenshinhan and Chaoz are included in S.H.Figuarts as a set.

For Tenshinhan , \"screaming\", \"clenching\", \"hurrying\", and 3 types of replacement facial parts are included.

Furthermore, the Chaoz are finally made into movable figures! Replacement wrist parts are included with the Chaoz. .

Appearance work Dragon Ball Z

Main product contents ?

Tenshinhan body

? 3 types of left wrist for Tenshinhan exchange, 4 types of exchange right wrist

? Three types of facial expression parts for Tianjin rice replacement

? Gyoza body

? Two types of left and right wrists for Chaoz replacement

Product size

Tenshinhan Height: Approximately 155 mm

Chaoz total height: about 80 mm

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From "Wonder Woman 1984" the Wonder Woman Golden Armor version joins the S.H.Figuarts lineup! In addition to the gorgeous newgolden coloration, the figure includes a stand for supporting the wings in dynamic poses. Included lasso and hair options let you re-createyour favorite scenes.
[Set Contents] Main Body, Three optional pairs of hands, Optional head, Optional hair, Set of wing parts, Wing support rod set, Lasso ofTruth, Lasso of Truth belt hook

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S.H.Figuarts SHF Dragon Ball Z Bulma Journey to Planet Namek

Product Specifications- Height: about 140mm- Material: PVC, ABS Set Contents- Body- 2 types of replacement left wrist, 3 types of replacement right wrist- Three types of facial expression parts for replacement- Head with replacement hat- Dragon Radar- Rucksack- Waist pouch- Namek Star Dragon Ball (Seven Star Ball)

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S.H.Figuarts Conan Edogawa - Tracking Edition -

-Continue to record big hit [Detective Conan] The latest version of the movie series will be released! In April 2020, it will be exciting, especially in Conan and Akai!

-Built-in magnet in shoes. The tracking scene on a skateboard with a turbo engine can be expressed!
-Comes with an impressive face in the play. Play with [SHFiguarts Kogoro Mouri] (sold separately) for fun!
-When you find out the key to the incident, ] Comes with facial parts!
-Conan of the tracking scene can be reproduced with eyeglass parts displaying a tracking monitor!
-Comes with facial expression parts with a winking look like Conan!
-Includes detective badge holder!
-Comes with shining eyeglass parts that sometimes show in the play!
-Can be equipped with a wrist-type anesthetic gun.

- set content
? Body
? 3 types of replacement facial parts
-Replacement wrist parts left and right 5 types (including detective batch handle)
? Two kinds of glasses for exchange
? Skateboard with turbo engine

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S.H.Figuarts Harley Quinn (The Suicide Squad)

-Harley Quinn is back in a typical red-black suit!

-From the latest DC movie [The Suicide Squad 'Extreme' Rogues, Gathering], [Harley Quinn] appears in a new costume featuring a red and black color scheme that is close to the image when the comic appeared! Reproduce the various facial expressions unique to her with digital coloring of the soul!

-Harley Quinn's red-black suit, which had multiple variations in comics and anime, is finally appearing in DC movie works.
-The jacket design on the back is also reproduced by printing.
-The pose shown on the poster can be reproduced with the replacement head and the soft parts of the hair.
-With the range of motion unique to SHFiguarts, you can pose like Harley Quinn in the play.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement head
? Replacement wrist left 4 types, right 3 types

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Robot Spirits < Side BH > Briheight Muga

-From the original TV animation [Back Arrow] by Goro Taniguchi and Kazuki Nakashima, a bright height [Muga] with unknown power has appeared!

-[Muga] is a figure in which the [belief] of the main character [Back Arrow] is materialized as a giant combat robot (Bry Height). The blue crystal part that colors the main body is expressed with clear parts. And, the acrobatic activity in the play is reproduced in a wide range of motion.

-The design was made with reference to the model data used in the video in the play, and we pursued both the reproduction of the characteristic appearance and the movable area.
-The crystal part of the main body is reproduced with clear blue parts.
-Various poses of Muga, who is good at fighting, can be reproduced.
-Comes with effect parts that image the attack scene in a powerful play.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement wrist left and right 2 types
? Replacement occipital region set
? 2 types of effect parts
? Joint for Tamashii STAGE

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Bandai Ichiban Kuji Ultraman Taiga and Ultraman Heros - Ultraman Taiga Figure

Bandai Ichiban Kuji Ultraman Taiga And Ultra Heroes - Ultraman Taiga Figure (silver)
11.80 inches (30cm)Made of plasticFrom the Ultraman Taiga seriesBased on the original Ultra Heroes toy lineNon articulated

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Soul of Chogokin GX-93 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia

Full length: approx 430mm.
-If you like it, get on this boat! The strongest space pirate battleship Arcadia, launched with Chogokin soul!

-The space pirate battleship Arcadia that appears in the space roman monument [Space Pirate Captain Harlock] is a powerful alloy with a total length of about 430 mm and becomes a superalloy soul!
-Reproduce the characteristic style hull with beautiful sculpture and painting expression.
-Equipped with a speaker and a voice IC, the seven songs in the play, including the theme song [Captain Harlock] sung by Ichiro Mizuki, and the valuable voice of Harlock\'s voice actor, late Makio Inoue, are recorded from the TV series voice at that time. .. Reproduce the romance of the universe by playing in combination with the sound effects in the play!
-The ultimate item that is packed with gimmicks unique to the Arcadia, such as the light emission of each part of the hull and the development of the bow [angle].
-The signal lights on both sides of the bridge blink red light with LEDs.
-The port side opens and closes, and the central computer inside emits light.
-Two turrets can be swung by infrared remote control operation! Seven in-play songs, Harlock lines, and sound effects will be heard!
-Includes 1 ship-based Cosmo Wing and 3 Space Wolfs.
-Equipped with a gimmick that expands [angle] from the bow!
-Four light emitting parts on the side of the port and eight light emitting parts on the bottom of the ship light up with LEDs! The lower hatch of the ship opens and closes. Can be equipped with a carrier-based aircraft.
-The window of the stern, which emphasizes the image of a [pirate ship], emits a fluctuating LED light. The two engine nozzles also emit light with different strengths according to the lines and sound effects.
-Theme song [Captain Harlock] Song: Ichiro Mizuki, Insertion song [Sasurai no Funauta] Song: Columbia Male Voice Chorus, ending song [We\'re Journey] Song: Ichiro Mizuki, and 4 more BGM songs in the play powered by!
-Captain Harlock\'s voice: Makio Inoue\'s dialogue voice in the TV animation play, sound effect in the play is also installed, and it is possible to play music, dialogue, sound effect freely combined from the built-in speaker.

- set content
?Arcadia main unit
?Display base
?Car carrier Wing Cosmo Wing
?Spacecraft Space Wolf x 3
?Remote control
?AAA battery (AAA) x 5 (with test battery)

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Figuarts Zero [Extra Battle] Gol D Roger -Kamusari-

- [Gol D. Roger], who shoots Kamusari, appears in the [Super Fierce Battle-EXTRA BATTLE-] series with flashy effects and dynamic poses!

- From the Figuarts ZERO [Super Fierce Battle-EXTRA BATTLE-] series, [Gol D. Roger] is here! Expressing that surprising moment when Kogetsu Oden was squeezed out with [Shinjuku], with a lively pose and an impactful effect using clear parts !!

- The moment when the pirate king Gol D. Roger shoots [God Escape] on the Kogetsu Oden, the moment when the lightning flashes is cleared, and the pose is full of power!

* Please use the attached dedicated pedestal for the display.
* [Figuarts ZERO [EXTRA BATTLE] Kogetsu Oden] in the image is sold separately.

[set content]
? Main body (including effects)

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Imagination Works Vegeta

- [Vegeta] appears in the second installment from the highest peak movable figure brand [IMAGINATION WORKS].

- In order to make a 2D character three-dimensional, we applied [dense modeling] and [fine coloring] that can only be done with about 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard about 1/12 scale, and [the best. [IMAGINATION WORKS], the [highest peak movable figure] series sent by Tamashii Nations in pursuit of [appearance]. The second is [Vegeta].

- Modeling [Deepening modeling]
High-density modeling that was possible because it was about 1/9 scale. In order to increase the sense of density, the surface composition has been increased to make it more three-dimensional.

- Coloring [Presence of coloring]
An overwhelming presence that is released by effectively adding shadows and gradations to the surface composition.

- Texture [Cloth seamless pursuing the best appearance]
The arms and legs of the Saiyan suit are reproduced with [cloth]. By hiding the joints of the arms and legs, it is a three-dimensional expression that transcends conventional movable figures.

- Value [Method of creating variations in facial expressions]
IMAGINATION WORKS As with Son Goku, the specifications are a combination of facial expression parts and eye-gaze parts.
You can make up to 12 different facial expressions with 2 different facial expressions and 3 different eyes for each of the black hair and Super Saiyan.

- Movable [Movable guided]
Adopted a joint structure that makes it easy to determine the pose even when the cloth is covered. Various poses of Vegeta are decided.

[set content]
? Main body
? Face parts for black hair
? Two types of black hair normal face eye parts
? Three types of eye parts for black hair clenched face
? Head parts for Super Saiyan
? Two types of Super Saiyan face parts
? 3 types of super saiyan normal face eye parts
? Three types of eye parts for Super Saiyan screaming faces
? Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
? Replacement arm assembly parts
? A set of pedestals

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Proplica Ryomen Sukuna

-From the acclaimed TV anime [Jujutsu Kaisen], [PROPLICA Special Grade Curse Double-sided Fetish Finger] is now available!

-The key item that represents the work of [Jujutsu Kaisen], the finger of the King of Curses, Double-sided Inner, is realistically reproduced on a 1/1 scale!
-Thorough reproduction in pursuit of authenticity, including detailed modeling and coloring, and even packaging!
-It is also possible to enjoy playing with a special sticker!

-From [Jujutsu Kaisen], an adult-oriented display model that realistically reproduces the fingers of the curse king, Double-sided Inner, on a 1/1 scale will be released!

[A feeling of size]
-About 1/1 size that reproduces the feeling of size that appears in the play in pursuit of `real feeling`.

-Faithfully reproduce the three-view setting of the animation. Realistic reproduction of the terrifying atmosphere of a deadly poisonous monster.
-The characteristic of the fingers of the double-sided swelling is that the swelling part like the root of the tree reproduces the modeling close to the setting even when viewed from various angles.

-The nails are realistically glossy, and the skin is finished with a dry texture and an eerie color as a [curse].

-In addition, a sticker that reproduces the [double-sided lodging] that appears by taking the double-sided lodging finger into the body in the play is attached in two patterns. Includes 3 stickers of the same type!

-If you use the sticker, you can play as a [double-sided lodging]. * Please do not stick for a long time
-With a different pattern of stickers, you can enjoy talking with the main character, the tiger cane, and having a conversation! * Please do not stick for a long time. * Please do not put it in your mouth.
-By lining up with the separately sold [SHFiguarts Yuhito Tiger Cane], you can further enjoy the terrifying world view of [Jujutsu Kaisen].

-The package is a wooden box-like design with the fingers of the inn.

-set content
? Main body
? 1 set of body stickers (same pattern x 3)

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[One Piece] FiguartsZERO Brook (Honekichi) and O-Tama

The cover of Jump Comics #91 is now a Figuarts ZERO Figure! This display figure captures the feel of the cover illustration, featuring the Straw Hat Pirates in Wano Country costumes as they penetrate the mysterious and isolated land. 

Product Features- 9.01 inches (22.99cm) - Brook- Made of PVC and ABS- Based on the cover of Jump Comics #91- Part of the FiguartsZERO line- Includes figure base- Additional O-Tama face part included with Nami (Onami) figure, sold separately
Box Contents- Brook figure- O-Tama figure- Brook face part- Base

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Tamashii Nations Gundam XXXG-01H Gundam Heavy Arms

-A heavy-duty mobile suit that boasts overwhelming firepower is now available in GUNDAM UNIVERSE!

-Participated in the 4th Gundam Heavy Arms from [Mobile Suit Gundam Wing]. A playful product specification that reproduces the main weapons such as large volume beam gatling and armed deployment of various parts of the body.

-Armed parts of the body are deployed. You can reproduce the shooting scene.
-Massive proportions like GUNDAM UNIVERSE.
--Swiss Army knife can be deployed.
-Beam Gatling can be held by both hands with a foregrip.
--Beam Gatling can also be mounted on the back.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement wrist left and right
? Swiss army knife
? Beam Gatling
? Soul stage joint

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S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Z Original (Completed)

--[Ultraman Z Original] is finally available from [Ultraman Z] on SHFiguarts!

-[Ultraman Z Original], which was very active in [Ultraman Chronicle Z Heroes Odyssey] as well as in [Ultra Galaxy Fight Great Conspiracy], is now available in SHFiguarts!

--The basic form of Ultraman Z [Ultraman Z Original] has been converted to SHFiguarts. With the cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions modeling department LSS, modeling and three-dimensionalization with the image in the play.
-Comes with wrist parts for the [Please sing] pose that is familiar in the transformation scene.
-Includes Zestium ray effect. The ray effect can also be attached to [SHFiguarts Ultraman Zet Alpha Edge] (sold separately). A replacement color timer is also included.
-Includes wrist parts for the Special Move pose that appeared in the human-sized battle in Episode 7.
-Wrist parts that appeared in the spin-off voice drama are also included.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement wrist left and right 6 types each
? Replacement color timer
? Zestium ray effect

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S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers)

[set content]

  • Main body
  • Replacement wrist parts 2 types each on the left and right
  • Replacement face parts
  • Replacement shoulder parts x2
  • Replacement shin parts x2
  • Cannon parts for forearms
  • A set of back booster units
  • DH-10 mode effect parts set
  • Repulsor effect (for hand) x2
  • Repulsor effect (for feet) x2
  • A set of dedicated pedestals

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Jurassic World Captivz Dominion Edition Slime Egg

CAPTIVZ SLIME EGG DOMINION Edition! Wave one features over 15 Pop n Lock dinos to collect and battle! Each with unique details accurate to the Jurassic World Dominion movie, including never before seen species! Un-wrap your egg, ooze through stretchy BioSyn Lab Slime and reveal your species - will you find a Limited-Edition Metallic species? Collect them all then… GET READY TO BATTLE! 







Jurassic World Captivz Dominion Edition Surprise Egg

Crack open your Captivz Dominion Surprise Egg to discover super-sized Pop N Lock dinosaurs from the Jurassic World Dominion movie! DIG through pre-historic sand, SLICE through amber sap and OOZE through BioSyn lab slime to discover which super-sized exclusive species you have unearthed! Collect them all and get ready for the ULTIMATE BATTLE! Suitable from 3 years.








Jurassic World Captivz Dominion Edition Slime Egg (Pack of 3)

CAPTIVZ SLIME EGG DOMINION Edition! Wave one features over 15 Pop n Lock dinos to collect and battle! Each with unique details accurate to the Jurassic World Dominion movie, including never before seen species! Un-wrap your egg, ooze through stretchy BioSyn Lab Slime and reveal your species - will you find a Limited-Edition Metallic species? Collect them all then… GET READY TO BATTLE! 








Figuarts Mini Suguru Geto

- A collection brand born from [Figuarts], which TAMASHII NATIONS is proud of!

- The charm of the character is condensed into a palm-sized deformation. In the deformed figure series featuring lively eyes and simple movement, [Natsuyu Jie] from the TV anime [Jujutsu Kaisen] has appeared!

- Both arms that can take a standing figure like summer oil are included as replacement arm parts. You can reproduce the impressive poses in the works!

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement arm parts left and right
? A set of dedicated pedestals

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S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2004)

-[Godzilla (2004)] that appeared in [Godzilla FINAL WARS] is now available in SH Monster Arts!

-From [Godzilla FINAL WARS], [Godzilla (2004)] is finally commercialized! The texture and details in the play are thoroughly reproduced by the prototype, coloring, and modeling produced by Mr. Yuji Sakai! Achieves a wide range of motion that can reproduce one of the most powerful action scenes in the Godzilla series.

-Based on the suit materials of the movie, it is three-dimensionalized by the prototype, coloring, and modeling produced by Mr. Yuji Sakai, a leading figure in Godzilla modeling.
-Mitsuhiko Hosokawa, who has created the movable mechanism of successive SH Monster Arts, has realized the movement without breaking the proportions.
-Faithfully reproduce the image in the play such as the texture of the suit.
-Detailed modeling of eyes and fangs, and pale coloring of the dorsal fin are thoroughly reproduced in the play.
-Achieves a range of motion that can reproduce the dynamic action scenes in the play.

[set content]
? Main body

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