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Takara Tomy Tomica World Athletic Safari (Tomica)

- To the map! To athletic! And safari map full of animals!

- Kirin's long seesaw! , Bathing elephant slide! , Lion Mountain! , Crocodile gabbul tunnel! Let's enjoy these four athletic attractions with Tomica!
- Also, by collapsing the map, you can store it as a bag, it is also a nice specification for Mama!

- Product Description: Map with base (1), Bathing Elephant Slider (1), Lion Mountain (1), Kirin Long Seesaw (1), Wanni Wani Danger Tunnel (1), Stands (1), Lion Tategami Rocks 1), Handle (1), Label (B5 size) (1), Instruction Manual (A3 size) (1), Web Questionnaire (continued) (1)

-Tomica is sold separately.

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Takara TOMY Tomica System Town Road Set (not Included Cars)

Takara TOMY Tomica System Town Road Set (not Included Cars)

Age: 3 years old or more

Tomica You can enjoy an action that go round and round down the spiral road. Or reclassified the parking. Roads can park the three Tomica, you can also play by connecting with the "jump the road set" (sold separately). One Tomica per. 
* product code / 4904810820154 
* package size / about H280 x W290 x D130mm 
* The set includes / hill song road L (7), slope song road R (1), if steep The filtrate (1), linear parking (1), a curved road (2), T-shape roads (1), 1-stage pier (2), 2-stage pier (1), three-stage pier (1), four-stage piers (5), guard rails (2), wood (2), instruction manual (1), seal (1), stopper (1), Tomica (No07 Impreza original color) (1) 
* package weight / 280g 
* battery / unnecessary 
* producing countries / China 
* units / one 
* good reading your target age 3 years old ~ 
* Please use in products matters please 
* ST mark acquisition goods 


Takara Tomy Tomica Town Police Box (Koban)

- Is Tomica Town to play along with the Pla.
- Red lights up. Door opening and closing, shooter play, Purakizzu play, is full of play such as recombinant play.
- Age: 3 years of age or older.


Takara Tomy Tomica world thrilling Mountain w/ Special bonus Tomica

- Up to some powerful running on automatic, the course of pounding full of down features.
- Drift load and Bebihebi hill, there is a lot of play of thrills and spills, such as thrill bridge It also contains thrilling play to Tomica was not until now, such as play rock coming down.
- 360-degree play also point specification. Also leads the Tomica system.

- With benefits Tomica.

- Age: 3 years of age or older.


Takara Tomy Tomica World Buzy Sound Town (Tomica)

- A big city emerges when you open the bag!
- Push 13 various switches and let out various city sounds such as police cars and various vehicles such as traffic lights and let's play with the road building of the map using Tomica!
- Taking out Tomica from the garage of the apartment, a variety of destinations and a chat of events happen!
- It is easy to keep fit from the left and right.

- 1. Pressing 13 switches will utter cars and town sounds such as sirens such as ambulances and railroad crossing alarm sounds and the chatter of the people of the city who triggers Tomica play and you can play according to the map.
- 2. When Tomika is issued from the sound garage, various talks that want to play Tomica with a fun drive melody are uttered! Example [Hamburger to eat! ] And many others.
- 3. The map expresses various scenes in the town, such as downtown area in front of the station which has become a three-dimensional intersection, spacious suburbs, mountains and pastures. Drive play using Tomica is substantial.
- 4. When you open the bag to the left and right, the product can expand and play as it is. Easy to just close the map from the left and right when locking up.
- 5. You can connect with Tomica Town Build City, sold separately, [Towards Connecting] Tomica Town Build City, and further expand the map to play.


Takara Tomy Tomica Lock Up Convoy

Can store up to 13 Tomica in the convoy. 1 Tomica can be stored and launched in the front of Convoy.


Takara Tomy Tomica Waku Waku Parking 2018

Brand new Tokara Tomy Tomica parking play set and it is suitable for 3 years old and above.


Takara Tomy Tomica Auto Loading Unloading Carport Playset

Requires 1 R14(`C`Size) battery(Not included).
- The auto ride in wagons Plarail that Tomica comes running, arrived at the station and get off at the automatic
Enjoy the action of surprise!
- When connecting with optional [Super Auto Tomica Building], Tomica is building wagons and Pla
I repeatedly run!

- 2 cars with rail wagons, motor vehicle
- is sold separately (minicar) Tomica.


Takara Tomy Tomica World Around, Bus Town (Tomica)

- Tomica that runs automatically Tomica town with a bus attached goes round and big intersection appears!
- Let's run the bus and Tomica by simple operation!

- Bus runs automatically! Tomica runs round and round!
- By running the bus that runs automatically for buses, you can run the bus and Tomica and play.
- When the bus stops at the intersection, the slope starts to move with the power of the bus.
- When you press the yellow departure button Tomica rides the slope across the intersection and runs around Tomica exclusively.
- If you press the red departure button, the bus runs around the intersection and exercises for the bus.

- Tomica's introduction items filled with hands!
- The slope that makes Tomica rise can be manually operated.
- There are lots of Tomica's hand-held elements such as departing at once by Tomica in other wide parking lot and stop bar.
- It is also an item perfect for the introduction of Tomica Town as it is possible to expand Tomica's town by combining Tomica Town products sold separately.

- Product Description: Town body (1), with a floor (1), above (1), downward (1), iron bridge (2), traffic light (2), bus stop (1), bridge 1 2), bridge pad 2 (1), bridge pad 3 (1), bus (1), label sheet (1), instruction manual (1)
- Tomica is sold separately.


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