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Takara Tomy Plarail Chuggington Chuger Case

Plarail is a long-running series of railroad toys which originated in Japan more than 50 years. 
Children can connect the rails and add scenery parts in any way they like, then run the trains on the tracks for unlimited hours of play.

- Trains and tracks are sold separately

- This set contains 1 x casing only

- The casing able to combine with Plarail tracks


Takara Tomy Accessories Plarail Basic Rail Set

- Assemble the layout, so you can try to run (optional) your favorite vehicle!
? does not include a vehicle in this product.

- Basic parts of Pla is studded.
- Money set that contains the station, railroad crossings, and tunnels.
- Try to challenge the various layout!

[Content of set]
- Five straight rails ×
Books - × 2 linear rails 1/2
Book - 14 × curve rail
- One stop rail ×
- One each turn out rail × LR
- 1 point for each Y-shaped rail × AB
- One tunnel ×
- 1 × 10 rural station
- 1 × 10 crossing New
- One seal × crossing New

[Introduction scene parts]
Station - the country: If you install the rail stop, you can stop the vehicle to the station stop lever.
- New level crossing: when the vehicle passes through the breaker falls.
- Tunnel: The tunnel can be installed straight rail, curved rail, either.


Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products