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DESPICABLE ME 2-Inch Collectible Single Pack (Randomly pick)

Now kids can bring the fun of Despicable Me 4 home as they search for and collect Mini Minions Mystery Figures!

These highly detailed 5.8cm collectible toy figures come blind boxed. Collectors can search for Common, Rare and Chase figures.

There are 28 different Minion figures to collect over Series 1 and 2.

Your child will have so much fun re-enacting their favorite scenes from Despicable Me 4 with these great toy figures.

Collect them all!


DESPICABLE ME 4 2-Inch Collectible 4 PACK ASST (Randomly pick)

Minions are back and better than ever!

Now kids can bring the fun of Despicable Me 4 home as they collect Mini Minions Figures inside these great 4 Figure Packs!

These highly detailed 5.8cm collectible toy figures are available in 2 different 4 Figure Packs - Minions AVL Squad and Minions Party Bus Bunch.

3 figures in these packs are visible, while 1 figure is a hidden surprise for collectors to unbox. 


DESPICABLE ME 4 Mega Minion 4-Inch Action Figure (randomly pick)

From Despicable Me 4 comes Mega Minions Action Figures! Mega Minions are action packed toy figures that spin, launch, speed, blast and crash!

There are 5 different Mega Minions from Despicable Me 4 for kids to collect including Launch & Blast Mega Minion Mel, Crash & Roll Mega Minion Jerry, Wild Spinning Mega Minion Tim, Speed Burst Mega Minion Dave and Launch & Crash Mega Minion Gus!

Each one has a different play feature and accessories. Collect them all!


DESPICABLE ME 4 Transformation Chamber Single Pack

Despicable Me 4 Mega Minions Transformation Chamber. Transform Jerry into a Mega Minion! Load the 5.8 cm figure of AVL Jerry into the top hatch of the Chamber with the Rock. Power up the Chamber, pull down the lever and open the Chamber to reveal Mega Minion Jerry! Mega Jerry is 10 cm tall. Mega Minion Jerry is exclusive to this special playset and can shoot discs from his mouth! The Chamber opens out to transform into an AVL Training Center with an array of fun action features. This playset is battery powered and full of lights and sounds to delight everyone! 

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DESPICABLE ME 4 Strechy Hero - ASST (Randomly pick)

Bring the fun of Despicable Me 4 home in a whole new gooey way!

The Minions have now joined with the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu to become super gooey, stretchy action figure toys!

Fans can collect both Mega Minion Dave and Mega Minion Tim from Despicable Me 4.

They have unique goo fillings! Mega Minion Tim is super stretchy. Mega Minion Dave is super gooey.

Stretch both Mega Minion Tim and Mega Minion Dave up to three times their size.

Best thing is they will always come back to their original shape! 

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DESPICABLE ME 4 Large Action Figure ASST (Randomly pickup)

Now collectors can bring the fun of Despicable Me 4 home with these collectible 25cm Minion Figures!

These highly detailed toy figures come in their own display box.

There are two 25cm Minion Figures to collect - AVL Agent Tim and Mega Minion Gus. Collect them both!



Now your child can have one of their favorite Minion Gadgets in a mini form - The Despicable Me 4 Mini Fart Blaster!

Kids won't want to stop playing with it to hear all 8 funny fart sounds. The Despicable Me 4 Mini Fart Blaster brings the fartiest, we mean the funniest toy for everyone to have a blast!

Excluded 2 AAA batteries.  Suitable for ages 4 & up


DESPICABLE ME 4 Ultimate Fart Blaster Lights and SFX

Your favorite Minions gadget of all time has taken a new look and a new smell! 

For the first time ever, this blaster not only has over 15 fart sounds but it also shoots  fog rings, has a chamber that lights up so you can see the gassy action, and it smells!

Pick from stinky smell or banana scent, just like the Minions like it-BANANA! It creates and blasts out REAL fog fart rings that float up to 1.8 m away!

From the smallest "Squeaker" to the loud and alarming "Clear the Room!" fart sound, this toy is loaded for laughs!

This Blaster nearly hits all the senses, you could say it's a REAL blast! The Ultimate Fart Blaster is suitable for ages 4 & up.

Excluded 6 units AA batteries

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products